What Exactly Is Shakeology?

So, a protein drink is a protein drink, right?! WRONG!!

I’ve been drinking Shakeology almost every day for the past year and a half, and I’ve done a ton of research on it.  If I’m putting something in my body everyday, I want to know everything about it.  Shakeology was a huge game changer in my overall health and wellness, and I want to share with you why it’s MORE than just a protein drink (and to show you that not all protein drinks are created equal).


Think of it like this…


There are tons of varieties/brands of orange juice, right? Let’s compare the absolute best kind of orange juice – duh – FRESH squeezed – straight from the orange, right? There isn’t any added sugar, artificial ingredients or preservatives; it’s hands down the purest form of orange juice. Let’s compare it to another orange juice…Sunny D. Sunny D is cheaper and easier to get, but unlike fresh squeezed orange juice, it only has 5% actual juice and other ingredients added into it like high fructose corn syrup, vegetable oil (what??) and a lot of other crazy long ingredients I can’t pronounce or want to drink on a daily basis…


So, what I’m getting at – if you’re drinking another protein/meal replacement drink, take a look at your ingredient list. Frist question, is it made from whey protein or soy? If it’s made from any type of soy protein isolate, get rid of it. This type of soy has been linked to many negative health effects – especially for women – go ahead and Google it – I can’t list everything here! (FYI – for you vegetarians, there are plenty of great types of soy – I’m talking the soy protein isolate – so don’t get upset)! If your protein powder has whey protein that is great. But, next question – look at the rest of the ingredients. What else is in there? Do you know what they are? Are they artificial ingredients? Do you really want to be drinking it every day?? (Remember nutrition label ingredients are litsted in order of highest concentration to least). Many, many protein/meal replacements also have fructose or other forms of processed sugar in it. This is an unnatural sugar and your body doesn’t know how to process it, so it can actually lead to weight gain over time. Why would you want to drink something every day that could potentially lead to weight gain when you are using this drink to be “healthier” in the first place? Remember the 21 Day Fix’s motto of eating clean!!

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Shakeology is made with whey protein and it’s not just a “protein drink.” It’s more than that! It has over 70 natural herbs, vitamins, minerals, and superfoods from all over the planet. Every ingredient is plant based. Nothing fake or artificial. And it is considered a full meal replacement because it has the correct carb to protein ratio to keep you full for 2-3 hours. It’s not a meal replacement because it has ingredients that trick your body into thinking it’s full…


In addition to having proteins and fiber to reduce hunger and food cravings, it also has:


-Antioxidants, Phytonutrients, Vitamins, and Minerals to help fight free radical damage and help support a healthy immune system

-Adaptogen Herbs to help your body adapt and respond to the effects of stress

-Prebiotics, Probiotics, and Digestive Enzymes to help with nutrient absorption and support regularity and healthy digestion

Here’s a super helpful chart that includes every single ingredient and it’s benefits to your health.  It’s pretty amazing!

What's in Shakeology and How it Works

So, is a Shakeology just a “protein drink?” No – I hope after reading this you realize it’s SO much more than that. There is absolutely nothing else out there that will supply your body with the nutrients, vitamins, proteins, and minerals the way Shakeology can.  It’s truly the healthiest meal of the day.

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