Summer Strong Challenge Group

I have had several people ask me lately if I am still doing my Health and Wellness Challenge Groups. And the answer is {{YES}}. Every single month I will continue to run a group. Why? Because the women in the group depend on them for support, encouragement and accountability. And guess what?! I depend on them, too! Being pregnant, I am full of excuses, and they help hold me accountable!


Are you finding yourself full of excuses lately, too? Maybe they are keeping you from reaching your goals…I mean, summers are SO much fun, but they are also SO busy, right?!


We have barbeques with family and friends, grad parties, weddings, trips to the cabin, more nights out…and of course everything includes more eating and drinking! There are so many areas in life that we can use as an excuse to put our health and wellness on the back burner…

Believe me, I get it. I have used every excuse in the book!


BUT, I have also learned that if you want to make something a priority, you can absolutely find the time. Everyone is busy, everyone has things going on in their lives, and everyone has legit excuses. But, if you can just learn to push those excuses out of the way and change your thinking, you CAN and WILL see changes in your mind and body.


Know the conditions in your life will never be “perfect.” But you can accomplish so much if you just start now. (It’s never too early or too late). Start wherever you are. The sooner you make the change, the sooner you will have more energy, more confidence and the ability to do things you once never thought were possible. So just start!


Join me this July, and let’s be STRONGER than our excuses!


You will:

-Focus on eating clean

-Learn how to choose the correct foods to properly fuel your body

-Learn the correct portion sizes of the foods you should be eating

-Work out for 30 minutes a day from the privacy and comfort of your own home (I have awesome programs I can suggest for you)

-Gain strength, confidence, support, and inspiration

-Have access to my weekly meal plans and recipes

-Receive one on one coaching from me and support from the group



If you’re interested in participating, comment below, send me a private message or email me! I’d love to talk to you and help you get started!

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