Summer Blues with Isabella Oliver

Isabella Oliver has quickly become one of my favorite maternity designers. I stumbled upon this brand when I was out looking for new maternity clothes at A Pea in the Pod.  I wanted the perfect dress to wear for our gender announcement, and since we are having a boy, I of course wanted to find something blue!  Enter Isabella Oliver.  They make super simple, modern, elegant, versatile, and beautiful clothes. It can be hard to find maternity clothes that fit all of these boxes, and with Isabella Oliver I haven’t been disappointed.

I found this Sleeveless “Lisle” Maxi Tank  dress, and I immediately fell in love.  The fabric is sooo soft and stretchy, and the dress is extremely comfortable.  (Something that is very important to us pregnant ladies)!  It hugs your body in all the right places.  And don’t worry, even though this is a body con dress, it is super flattering and is super forgiving.  The side ruching details also allows the dress to grow seamlessly with your bump.  I bought this dress when I was 18 weeks pregnant, and now at 26 weeks it still fits me perfectly.  And I have no doubts it will work well into my final days of pregnancy!  The “peacock blue” color is also the most dreamy, cool shade.  I’ve had tons of compliments on this dress and the stunning color!

The best part of this dress is the fact that you can dress it down with a jean jacket and flats, or dress it up with a fancy necklace and heels.  If you’re not into wearing floor length dresses, they have a super cute shorter option called the Ellis Maternity Tank Dress that will hit just below your knees.

I’ve now bought several of their pieces – tops and dresses and love them all.  Because they are a London based company, their sizing is a bit different than the traditional US measurements of small, medium, large.  Instead, they come in sizes 0-5. A 0 would be like a US size 2, 1 would be a US size 4, 2 would be a US size 6, and so on up to a size 5, which would be like a US size 12-14.  If you’re unable to go to a store to try something on and are going to order online, definitely order your pre-pregnancy size.  They have designed their pregnancy clothes to stay in line with your pre-pregnancy size.  So helpful!

I am loving this dress and the entire company, and I hope you do, too! XO

Photo Creds: Alexa Aretz for the dress shots and Kokal Photography for our gender announcement photo! Thank you, ladies!

Julie Excelsior Minnesota 70

Julie Excelsior Minnesota 84

Julie Excelsior Minnesota 72

Oh Boy

Julie Excelsior Minnesota 86

Julie Excelsior Minnesota 79

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