Greek Yogurt Cookie Dough

I have had a major sweet tooth this pregnancy! Ok, ok, who am I kidding?  I pretty much always have a sweet tooth! If I could sit around and eat cookie dough and ice cream every day, I probably would…however, I know that wouldn’t be a very good choice for me!

So, my only option is to find healthier alternatives that still satisfy my sweet tooth! Some of the women in my Online Health and Fitness Challenge Groups have shared Greek Yogurt Cookie Dough recipes, and I’ve tried different recipes along the way.  After trying several out and making some tweaks, I wanted to share my personal recipe! It’s not real cookie dough of course, but it’s a close second! (And with about 20 grams of protein it’s going to fill you up, too)!


In a bowl, combine:

-6 ounces 2% Fage Plain Greek Yogurt

-1 Tbs Cashew Butter

-1 tsp Pure Vanilla Extract

-1 tsp Honey

-1 Tbs dark chocolate chips

Mix together, and enjoy!

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