March Forward

For my upcoming Health and Fitness Challenge Group I really wanted to post a “before and after” photo of myself. A lot of the women in my group have been sharing their photos inside our group, and it is truly so inspiring. So, I whipped out my computer and started searching for old photos of myself. I searched, and searched, and searched….but you know what’s sad? I could hardly find any! I have about a million of my son, and just as many of my husband and my son together, but I hardly have any of myself.

Thinking back to the time after I had my son, I know the reason why…I hated having my picture taken. I’ve shared this before, but I gained a lot of weight during my pregnancy (50lbs to be exact). About 20-25 pounds came off within the first 6 -8 weeks, but the rest just stuck there. I felt embarrassed. I felt uncomfortable. I felt tired. I felt swollen. I did not feel like myself. Therefore, why would I want to look at pictures of myself like that?! I have a few, but I’d cropped the photo a certain way to hide problem areas, or I’d hide behind my husband or held Knox directly in front of me to try and disguise my insecurities. It really makes me sad to think about, but I’m sure a lot of women can relate to this.

I don’t want to go through life feeling self conscious, missing out on memories with my loved ones because I’m too embarrassed to take a photo or whatever it may be. Life is just too short and too precious!

Thank goodness I was introduced to my first Health and Fitness Challenge Group over a year ago. It truly helped me get back to being me! I learned so much about the importance of eating clean, I learned how to fit 30 minutes of exercise into my busy life each day, I made a ton of new friends, and best of all – I got back to feeling like myself again!

Because I believe in this so much, I now host my own Challenge Groups every month for other women and help them get back to feeling their absolute best. I have women from all over the country who participate with me. My challengers are amazing women. They are mothers, young professionals, students, women getting ready for their weddings, grandmothers…but most of all they are hardworking, beautiful, and strong!

Don’t miss out on precious opportunities and memories because you’re too scared or self-conscious; it’s not worth it!!!

Join us next month were we will “March Forward,” face our fears head on, crush some goals, and work on being the best versions of ourselves. The group will run from March 7-27.

Comment below, send me a private message or email me at if you’re interested in participating!

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