What to Eat in a Day

Before I started participating in Challenge Groups, I didn’t quite understand nutrition. To be honest, I thought a really healthy lunch was a turkey sandwich with light mayo and fat free cheese, a side of Baked Lays chips and a diet coke! Little did I know…

So many people think that when they want to eat “healthy” or they want to lose weight, they need to skimp on food – or worse they need to skip meals! This is a NO NO! Don’t skip meals, it messes with your metabolism and will actually make it harder to lose weight!

So many of my challengers are actually shocked with HOW much food they get to eat when they start our program. But, if you’re eating the right foods, it’s ok! I always recommend eating small meals through out the day – making sure you have something in your stomach every 3 hours or so!

Here’s a sample of what a day of eating looks like in one of our Challenge Groups!

Breakfast: scrambled eggs with a small scoop of cottage cheese mixed in, and tomatoes, spinach and avocado.

AM Snack: Chocolate Shakeology with unsweetened vanilla almond milk, water, ice, and a tsp of all natural peanut butter. (Shakeology is my fav for busy mornings – so easy to take with you on the go! And best part, Knox (my picky, picky eater) LOVES it. Makes me feel good knowing he’s getting protein, vitamins, prebiotics, probiotics, digestive enzymes, and so many super foods…little does he know – he thinks he’s having a milk shake)! 😏😂👏🏼

Lunch: Salad with spinach, chicken, tomatoes, cucumber, kalamata olives, and a balsamic vinegar dressing

PM Snack: Fage Plain Greek Yogurt with a drizzle of honey, blueberries and granola

Dinner: BBQ chicken pizza on a whole wheat tortilla with a side salad of strawberries, avocado and cucumber.

Now doesn’t that all sound good and filling?!

So, my tip for you all: Eat more of the right things, not less food! 🍎🍇🍉🍒🍏

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