4 Ingredient Pancakes

I love making fun breakfasts for the fam on weekend mornings, and these 4 ingredient pancakes are a big hit in our house!

They are super easy, super filling and packed full of protein (30 grams per serving)!

🍴Crack 4 eggs into a bowl, add in 3/4 cup cottage cheese, 3/4 cup steal cut oats and mix together.
🍴Heat a skillet over medium heat, coat pan with a little butter, coconut oil or olive oil
🍴Pour batter into pan (try and keep pancakes about 4″ in diameter) and throw in whatever fruit you like – I love mine with blueberries!
🍴Cook as you would a normal pancake
🍴Top with a little pure maple syrup and enjoy!

Makes 4 pancakes. 1 serving = 2 pancakes. If you’re following along with the 21 Day Fix Nutrition Plan, 1 serving is 1 red, 1 yellow, 1 purple.

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