Spring Shape Up

I would like to share a journey I have been on to improve my overall health, fitness and happiness. I hope that by sharing my story and experience, I may be able help another person take her first step and see changes she never thought were possible.

At the end of October 2014, I was coming up on my son’s first birthday, and I was still holding onto the “baby weight.” I’d tried things to help myself lose weight/tone up. However, I’d find myself trying hard for a few weeks, and then I’d lose steam and give up. Luckily, a friend invited me to join a health and fitness “Challenge Group” she was hosting. Even though I was a little nervous, it sounded fun. I knew I had nothing to lose (except for some pounds), so I decided to sign up. I’m SO thankful that I did because it has changed my life!

Over the past 6 months, I’ve been a part of 6 Challenge Groups. I have lost 26 lbs and never could have imagined how much I would learn about fitness and the importance of eating clean. The Challenge Group introduced me to a workout program of 30 minutes a day at home (great for us busy moms), taught me about portion control, how to eat clean, and provided me with a lot of support from new friends. This program has changed my body, improved my self esteem, given me tons of energy, and has allowed me to do something just for myself. Because of all of these amazing things, I really want to help others realize how GREAT it feels to eat CLEAN and EXERCISE!

So, on Monday, April 13th, I will begin my own PRIVATE Challenge Group to help others work on their health and fitness goals! The group will focus on exercising 30 minutes a day, eating clean, portion control, and supporting one another while we improve our health and have fun! The group will last 21 days – after all it takes 21 days to make or break a habit. So let’s start making some great new habits together!

You may be feeling like I did when I started my first challenge (nervous, excited, reluctant to change your habits), but I promise you if you take this first step and reach out to me, you will be on the beginning of a new path to a healthier and happier you!

Please comment below or send me a private message if you would like more details! I hope you will join me on this incredible journey! Thanks!

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