39 Weeks

I can hardly believe I am 39 weeks today and will officially have our sweet baby boy tomorrow! These past 9 months have honestly flown by.  And I am kind of in shock that the pregnancy will be over tomorrow. Yes, of course right now I am tired and my back is so sore, but I’ve absolutely loved being pregnant this second time around. With my first pregnancy, I was definitely more anxious feeling – I think because everything was so unknown, and that caused me to worry a lot.  This time around, I’ve been much more relaxed and not worried about every single little thing.  I am hoping the same goes for when baby arrives!

I’m definitely filled with many emotions, and looking at these last photos as our family of three brings me to tears (in a good way)! Our time alone with Knox has been so special, and I know our family is about to go through a big transition bringing home another little one. Knox is so in love with every baby he sees.  He always wants to “tickle them” and hold them, and he does the sweetest little baby voice when he talks to them.  Last night we were trying to find a Halloween cartoon to watch before bed (Knox is Halloween crazy right now).  He was snuggled up next to me, with his head on my bump just talking to his little brother, “it’s ok baby don’t be scared.  It’s just a story!” How cute is that?!  CJ and I just looked at each other, smiling, hearts so full.  He talks to his baby brother all the time, and he is constantly rubbing my belly.  I am praying he loves his little brother and is just as sweet when we bring him home! I know it won’t always be easy, but I am thankful that he already has such a strong love for him.

Thank you, again, to Tiffany Kokal, for our family/maternity shoot! We had a blast, and I love the way these turned out. I will treasure them for ever.

Julie Dress / Shoes

CJ Shirt / Shorts / Shoes

Knox ShirtShortsShoes


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