Life is Better at the Beach

I can’t believe I am 36 weeks – actually almost 37! The time has literally flown by, and I am in disbelief that our little man will be here in less than 3 weeks. With my first pregnancy I felt like every day just drug on and took F O R E V E R to pass. This second time around I am almost wishing that time would slow down! Well, not too much because I am so excited to meet him!


I told you how much fun we had on our family/maternity photo session, and hopefully after seeing these pictures you’ll know why! Honestly, taking family photos (especially with young children) can be stressful. So, my advice to anyone wanting to take some is not to put any expectations on yourself (or your kids). Kids are going to do what they want, so try and avoid the really posed family photos where your kids might end up kicking and screaming because they don’t want to sit still. Go for something more natural and photojournalistic style. This will enable you to get some fun pictures of your kids in their element – running around, playing, laughing and having fun! Of course you’re going to want some pictures that are somewhat posed where (hopefully) everyone is looking at the camera, so my recommendation is to start with pictures of the entire family first and then just do the kids while they are fresh and excited to be out. After you’ve finished with the kids, take some with your partner!  You might also want to bring some toys and snacks to keep your kids busy while you and your partner take pictures.  Pick a location where you know you’ll get some beautiful photos (preferably outside with some good natural light) and keep them low key.


We decided on the beach! You might think we are crazy, but Knox loves the sand and water – plus, summers in Minnesota are gorgeous. I really wanted to take some at sunset, and luckily it all came together. Knox loves swimming, and we had a feeling that he might end up in the water (or he 100% would lol), and that was ok with us! We talked to our photographer, Tiffany from Kokal Photography, about this idea and she was all for it. She said she’s actually always wanted to get a family IN the water, but most want to stay out of it and keep dry. So she was excited to do it! We let Knox decide where to go – first we started on the dock, then did a few in the sand…he was dying to get in the water, so we finally just let him jump in – clothes and all! And of course, mommy and daddy ended up jumping in, too! Knox’s clothes ended up coming completely off (he loves to be “nakey baby” as he calls it) and it was so much fun. Plus who doesn’t love a picture of their child’s cute little naked buns?! We didn’t take it too seriously, and I have to say these are some of my favorite pictures! I hope you enjoy them, too!


Julie Dress

CJ Shirt / Shorts

Knox Shirt / Shorts




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