A Year From Now…

Same dress. Same month. Same girl. Different year.

It’s amazing how a year can make a difference! I remember when I bought this dress. I thought it was perfect. Covered my arms? Check! Loose and flowy? Check, Check! Went past my knees? Check! I remember being very strategic with my clothing. I had to find things to help “disguise” my post baby body (I had gained 50lbs when I was pregnant. I lost about half of it right away – probably the amount I should have put on, but the other half just stuck there…. not wanting to go away). If you know me, you know I LOVE fashion. So to not be able to wear anything I wanted was hard for me. I had to find specific things to “flatter” my new body – aka – things to help cover up my insecurities.

I really didn’t like feeling so self-conscious all the time – who does?! I wanted to get back to ME! I wanted to feel happy, healthy and confident again! But I just wasn’t exactly sure how to get there…

Then, one night I was sitting on the couch and was scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed. A friend of a friend’s post popped up and it caught my eye. She looked beautiful. She was a mom of two, and here she was inviting people to join her “Challenge Group” to work on being healthy and fit! I was intrigued. But I was also terrified! What if I hated it? What if I couldn’t do it? What if it was too hard? What if I tried and then failed? These thoughts scared me, but you know what scared me MORE? The thoughts of feeling self conscious, tired and over weight for another year…

So, I sent her a message, we chatted, I signed up, and of course the rest is history! I learned how to eat clean, plan and prepare healthy meals for myself and my family, I learned how to workout in a short amount of time to get maximum results, I made a ton of new friends, I lost over 30 lbs, and of course I loved it SO much that I decided to become a coach myself!

So maybe you’re sitting here, reading my post – maybe this is the first one you’ve seen, or maybe you’ve seen ones in the past and thought, “maybe I’ll do the next one, maybe I’ll send her a message, maybe….” Stop with the maybes and send me a note!

Trust me, as Karen Lamb says, “A year from now you will wish you had started today.”

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